Best Dating Profile Advice

The key to your best dating profile and your overall ideal dating experiences requires you to be genuinely attractive.

Getting to know people in the real world is still the way to be social and interactive. It always will be. Online dating still has a place though. It can be a great thing when used properly. This means using it as an addition to your hopefully already abundant social life.

Rather than saying you are “quirky, kind, and happy”, try to give actual examples of how you manifest these characteristics and why you behave the way you do.

Please don’t use a list of strung together words to talk about you or your interests. You are more than just “neat, and pensive”. Instead try to phrase things in a little more interesting manner. One way to create the ideal dating profile is through storytelling.

This could be the best way to improve your dating profile other than having a great profile photograph.

Try to wrangle your potential match’s interest but don’t over do it. Catch their attention. When you do this it is easier for them to decide that they want to meet you